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Benefits of Swimming for Seniors

| 09/1/18

Physical fitness is a great addition to anyone’s life. The benefits of exercise are too numerous to ignore―it can boost your mood, improve your quality of sleep, and enhance your mobility and flexibility. These benefits, in turn, will help you maintain your independence.

Yet, the issue some older adults run into is the restrictions on their bodies. For example, chronic conditions like arthritis can make moving painful. The good news is that sore muscles, bad joints or poor balance won’t get in your way at the pool. The pool is a great place to enjoy swimming exercises that will not put a strain on the body.

Five Major Benefits of Swimming

Studies show that swimming exercises offer several great health benefits to older adults. It’s a low-impact activity that lessens the risk of injury, but still provides a total body workout. This is why swimming is considered one of the best exercises for seniors.

Here are five major benefits of swimming for seniors:

  1. Boosts your mood. When you exercise your body releases endorphins, a chemical that triggers a positive feeling. This is how exercise is connected to positive mental health. Additionally, exercise also reduces stress levels, lowers anxiety, and increases brain functions. Swimming is a great activity that can be enjoyed by those of all ages.
  2. Decreased risk of osteoporosis. Women in particular often deal with a loss of bone strength and density as they age, and studies show that swimming can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. When you swim regularly, you’re helping maintain your bone strength.
  3. Reduced joint pain. A benefit that sets swimming exercises apart from other activity is that the water creates a cushion for your joints. The less-jarring movements keep you from experiencing discomfort in your joints, such as in your knees and hips.
  4. Improved flexibility. Not only does exercise improve flexibility, but you will also see improved strength, posture, balance, coordination, and a reduced risk of injury. The natural drag of resistance water provides when you move about in it and it works similarly to stretching. So, with the proper direction, you’ll improve the flexibility in your hips, legs, arms, and neck.
  5. Helps maintain weight. As we age, our metabolisms naturally slow, making it difficult to maintain a healthful weight. But by adding swimming exercises into your daily routine, you can kickstart your metabolism, burn calories, and convert fat cells into muscle.

These are all fantastic benefits of swimming, but the great news is that there are so many more! Swimming exercises will also build muscle and build a stronger heart―no wonder it’s been referred to as the perfect exercise!

Great Swimming Exercises for Seniors

Beyond the traditional swimming, another popular pool exercise is water aerobics. Water aerobics combines resistance training with arm curls, leg swings and calf raises using light weights or no weights at all. Being in the pool will get your blood flowing and endorphins pumping—it’s sure to be a good time!

It’s easy to incorporate swimming exercises into your life because they are perfect for anyone and everyone. However, before you go out and sign up for a class, consult your doctor first to make sure there are no health limitation that could hold you back.

Stay Physically Active at Monroe Village

At Monroe Village, we believe that senior fitness is key to your quality of life, and that’s why we offer aquatic exercise classes and an open pool through our award-winning LivWell program. And if you’re looking to switch up your workout plans, we also have an on-site fully-equipped gym just for you where you can get that recommended 30 minutes of exercise every day.

Learn more about the vibrant lifestyles at Monroe and the daily enriching activities and amenities we offer all residents. To learn more about our continuing care retirement community in Monroe Township, New Jersey, we invite you to contact us for more information and to come take a personal tour.