Find the Best Plan for Your Needs

Affordability is a common concern when it comes to planning for your future. Our community offers a variety of both plan options and apartment home sizes that are affordable for many budgets.

To help ensure your financial stability, our experienced sales counselors will work with you to discuss your needs and identify the best plan. When moving to Monroe Village in New Jersey, your plan costs include both an Entrance Fee and an ongoing Monthly Service fee.

Entrance Fee — To secure your apartment home and guarantee access to onsite healthcare services, you make a one-time Entrance Fee payment that is based on the size of your residence and whether one or two individuals live there.

Traditional or Refundable Options — With a return of a portion of your initial payment, the Refundable Entrance Fee is a great option if you wish to leave funds to your estate or if there is a chance you may move again in the future. The Traditional Entrance Fee allows you to pay a lower upfront amount and is an excellent choice if you’ve already planned for your estate.

Lifecare – Our Lifecare contract option guarantees access to care you need, at any time you need it, at rates similar to what you would pay in independent living. These plan options demonstrate the financial strength and commitment to you from Springpoint Senior Living.

Rental Plan – Available on a select number of apartment homes, this is our most affordable plan to get you started on a retirement life you’ll love. With just one check each month and no entrance fee, you will be able to enjoy the great lifestyle that Monroe Village offers. With the Rental Plan, you will pay a one-time improvement fee and a monthly fee based on apartment size and single or double occupancy. This plan is best for individuals who are comfortable assuming responsibility for the full cost of future healthcare needs.

Monthly Service Fees — To cover your cost of living, you’ll pay a Monthly Service Fee that is based on the size of your apartment home and whether there are one or two occupants. Because the Monthly Service Fee covers the majority of your living expenses in a single check, it makes monthly expenses more predictable and financial planning easier. Your monthly fee covers housekeeping, interior and exterior maintenance, 24-hour security, all utilities, basic cable, local telephone calls, property tax cost and a multitude of services and amenities.

2021 Fees — To give you an understanding of our pricing, below are examples of our starting Entrance Fees and Monthly Service Fees. Our Traditional Entrance Fee Plan with a single occupant offers the lowest entrance fee for a full-service plan.

Our Traditional Entrance Fee Plan with a single occupant offers the lowest entrance fee.

  • One Bedroom: Entrance Fees start at $133,600; Monthly Service Fees start at $2,941
  • Two Bedroom: Entrance Fees start at $198,300; Monthly Service Fees start at $4,107

Our Rental Plan offers a no entrance fee option.

  • Studio: Monthly Service Fees start at $2,100
  • One Bedroom: Monthly Service Fees start at $3,700
  • Two Bedroom: Monthly Service Fees start at $4,950

We’re here to discuss your goals, preference, budget and any questions you may have. The best way to begin the journey is to schedule a personal, no obligation consultation with one of our experienced sales counselors. Contact us today so we can start to help you make an informed decision on independent living options.