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A Holistic Wellness Program for You

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Wellness is defined as “the quality or state of being in good health, especially as an actively sought goal.”

At Monroe Village, we encourage wellness through programming and amenities designed to inspire. Because wellness isn’t a destination — it’s a journey that involves constant attention. LivWell is the holistic wellness program in our community that works to address all seven dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual and vocational. By offering activities that fit into each of these dimensions, residents have the ability to actively participate in the journey of wellness in day-to-day life in the community.

Looking into the Seven Dimensions of Wellness

  1. Physical Wellness — Through fitness classes and amenities like our indoor pool, moving and making sure the body stays active is vitally important to the LivWell program. Physical fitness encourages overall wellbeing and sets the stage for healthy aging.
  2. Intellectual Wellness — Working out your mind is just as important as your physical body. Learning and exploring new ideas drives you to be more mindful, curious and better-rounded. Enjoy educational documentaries and guest lectures as part of our regularly scheduled community activities.
  3. Emotional Wellness — Finding healthy outlets when plagued with feelings of stress and being overwhelmed helps overall wellbeing. Look for activities that lift your mood, like guided meditation and support groups, to help you learn how to keep a positive outlook and increase optimism.
  4. Social Wellness — Social interactions within the community benefit both our physical and mental health and living in a continuing care retirement community gives you the perfect opportunity to socialize with peers. Get to know your neighbors during one of our happy hours or fun day trips.
  5. Environmental Wellness — Connecting to the natural beauty that surrounds us helps to center ourselves and come to a deeper appreciation of our environment. Spend time outside by visiting the greenhouse to grow your own plants and spices or take a stroll on one of the many walking trials surrounding the community.
  6. Spiritual Wellness — Exploring your faith allows you to find a sense of purpose and discover what values are most important to you. As a non-denominational community, we encourage all residents to freely practice their faith and have a chaplain available for services and conversation.
  7. Vocational Wellness — You know what they say: you get wiser with age. Sharing the insights and talents you’ve acquired throughout your life with others by participating in volunteer opportunities gives you the chance to give back to your community and gain a gratifying feeling of accomplishment.

Learn More About Wellness for Seniors at Monroe Village

At Monroe Village, our comprehensive, award-winning senior wellness program, LivWell, goes far beyond traditional senior living activities like fitness classes and Bingo. Recognized for innovation by LeadingAge New Jersey, our LivWell philosophy is “to provide the opportunity to engage in experiences which support a high quality of life, personal choice, lifelong development and an optimal sense of well-being.”

The reason LivWell at Monroe Village is a successful wellness program? Resident opinion drives the programming. Every year a survey is filled out by residents asking for feedback about aspects they like and don’t like about community activities. The LivWell team uses these findings to find quality activities and interests that satisfy the community as a whole. Steve Wean, the LivWell Program Manager, shares that one of the most successful programs to date is a sing-along recommended by a resident. Music is powerful with memory and being able to come together to enjoy the tunes increases socialization opportunities.

Our entire LivWell staff undergoes specialized training and work hand-in-hand with residents to develop our programming, ensuring all residents enjoy an engaging, stimulating life full of activities that mean the most to them. The fact is people can grow stronger, healthier and more engaged in life at any age — it’s never too late!

At Monroe Village, there’s something for everyone to improve their wellness. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your personal tour.

You can also learn more about holistic wellness and our LivWell program by downloading our FREE guide The 7 Dimensions of Wellness in Retirement. In this guide, we dig deep into holistic wellness, the 7 dimensions of wellness and what they mean, and Springpoint’s award-winning wellness program LivWell.

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