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Are you ready for a real, unfiltered view into what life is like at Monroe Village? Just ask our residents! See what they have to say about our retirement community, then schedule a visit to meet and chat with them in person.

Senior Living Testimonials

Guy Darrin

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I didn’t want to be a burden on my children. My son-in-law shopped around and we visited a few CCRCs. Some of the places we looked at were really spread out. In Monroe Village, I don’t have to go outside to reach anything I need — it’s all under one roof. I can walk to the Fitness Center, I can walk to the Clinic…

The big thing was, I had a six room house. How do I get rid of all this furniture? My daughters were a big help. So was Karen Cerreto here at Monroe. She told us how much room we had for furniture and gave us apartment sketches and sizes. So we knew what would fit.

I’m really busy. I’ve gone bass fishing in the pond, catch and release. In addition to the Residents Association, I’m on the entertainment committee: I do the taping of all the entertainment here and we put it on the in-house television. My hobbies are woodworking and stained glass — I’d never tried stained glass before I came here. I’ve had two of my works displayed. I plan to play golf at Clearbrook.

I’ve made a lot of good friends, especially when we completed the Veterans Book. I didn’t see the action that some of these veterans have seen. One was involved in four major battles. Another one flew a flying fortress, one of the biggest airships that the army had back then.

The people here — the staff as well as residents — are all very, very friendly. You don’t pass anyone in the hallway who doesn’t return a ‘good morning!’

I decided on Monroe Village and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Shirley Friedlander

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Before moving here, I lived in a nearby community, Clearbrook, where I had lived for many years. One of my close friends started to need attention for health reasons. Concerned about her, I decided to help her look for a place that offered on-site health care. After doing some research, I called the Director of Sales here at Monroe Village. We made an appointment for a tour and to have lunch.

When we walked in the front door (and much to my surprise), I said, “I have come home!”  Remember, I was not the one looking to move and never expected to have this reaction. But I just knew immediately that this was the place for me. So excited, I called my daughter and invited her and her husband to come and take a tour. After they visited the community and several others in the area they said, “Mom, you couldn’t find a better place to be,” and I agree with them. We just couldn’t find the warmth and friendliness that we experienced at Monroe Village anywhere else. The grounds are lovely, the community is comfortable and the programming is exceptional.

Many of my friends from Clearbrook have come to visit me in my new home. After seeing how happy and active I am here and everything that Monroe Village has to offer, some of them have decided to move here too. It’s a community within my community. I have all the comforts of home and services I never knew I would enjoy having: housekeeping every other week, maintenance-free living, staff to clean off my car this past winter. It’s been terrific. I go to morning exercise class — Tai Chi is great! I still have my Bridge game and social life. I have met old friends and new acquaintances. I think that’s important as we age — to meet new people and have good conversation every day.

I could go on and on about how much fun I am having, but it’s better for you to experience for yourself. Just like I did. We have a great sales staff that will schedule a personal consultation with you to discuss your goals, preferences, budget and anything else you’d like to talk about. There’s nothing to fear — it’s no pressure and at your own speed. The most important thing is to look into a community like this while you can enjoy all the great offerings. I hope to see you around the Village someday!

Lucy Pietrofesa

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My dog, Jim-E and I moved to the campus from a condo in Twin Rivers. I found myself spending more time worrying about snow removal, repair men coming to fix things and shopping to keep up my cooking and cleaning routines. Living here gives you so much freedom and independence. Even if you don’t drive, you can do what you want without relying on anyone. You can paint, garden in the greenhouse, join a book club or discussion group — and that’s all without leaving the campus!

You can go where you want, too. We have trips to theaters, the movies, outdoor events in the warmer weather and grocery or shopping trips; if you need it the bus takes you.

Mealtimes here are nice because the food is good and you meet a lot of people. At the same time, I like to cook in my apartment and go out to eat with friends. The meal plans are flexible so it’s perfect for someone like me. Moving here was a great decision. I’m having fun and meeting lots of new people.

Marvin and Renee Schulman

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Our last home at a 55+ community in Freehold was comfortable, but it lacked the things we will need in the future. We were also tired of worrying about maintaining our house as we got older. The cooking, the cleaning, all of it was getting tiresome. So we started our search for a new home. We examined a lot of communities but there was no place as warm and welcoming as Monroe Village. The staff, the people who live here — everyone has a smile and says hello. Now that we’ve moved in, we get invitations to dinner every night and we’ve met so many new friends. It’s exactly what we wanted.

We know that living here will be easier for us in the years ahead. And if anything should happen, we’ll be well taken care of. We chose the Lifecare option for that reason — it helps us feel even more comfortable and secure.