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Five Myths About Staying in Your Home

maintenance free living at Monroe Village

The Truth About Staying In Your Home

Why do so many seniors miss out on great retirement living, deciding instead to remain in their homes? Age Wave, the nation’s foremost research company on the issues of aging, set out to answer that question in a landmark national study. The study’s key findings uncovered five common myths.

1. MYTH: “My current home will be the best possible place to live in my post-retirement years.”

REALITY: The ideal home evolves throughout our lifetime, so the best home for your next stage of life should be one that provides more freedom, more convenience, better care and less worry.

2. MYTH: “My current home is the best option to continue an active social life and to stay connected with friends in the years ahead.”

REALITY: Remaining in your home can result in growing isolation and loneliness in later life. Identifying and building new relationships with like-minded people can become critical problems as maintaining social connections becomes more challenging as you age.

3. MYTH: “It’s less expensive and more financially secure for me to stay in my current home.”

REALITY: Even though your mortgage may be paid off, monthly expenses to maintain your home and your lifestyle are higher than you realize and less predictable as your home ages or you are less able to physically manage the home. When combined with potential care costs, living in your current home may end up being the most expensive option.

4. MYTH: “It would be easy to get any care I might need at home.”

REALITY: Care at home can be difficult, costly and unreliable, while continuing care retirement communities offer a seamless solution for most care needs that may arise in later life.

5. MYTH: “CCRCs are filled with old people who are sick…”

REALITY: Many people choose CCRCs to pursue opportunities for new learning, new activities and a “new chapter in life.”

Senior Living the Way it’s Meant to be at Monroe Village

Find an enriching lifestyle at Monroe Village. Discover living options designed to promote your independence and improve your quality life, while you enjoy all our unique location has to offer. We welcome you to experience our CCRC for yourself – please contact us today to schedule a personal tour.

Source: Age Wave, Emeryville, CA

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