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10 Fun Craft Projects to Do With Your Grandkids Over the Holidays

10 Fun Craft Projects to Do With Your Grandkids Over the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, many seniors can look forward to spending time with their grandkids. When cold, blustery weather keeps playtime indoors, having a few simple but fun crafts ready to go is a great idea for grandparents with little ones that will be full of energy and busy hands.

Working on a creative activity together using basic or easy-to-find supplies around the house will make the time spent with your grandkids even more special this holiday season.

1. Painted rocks

Painting rocks, a perfect craft for kids of any age, can provide an almost endless amount of fun. Grandparents of little ones can help with the painting while kids a little bit older may want to plan out their masterpieces to create fun keepsakes. You can even make plant or herb markers out of the rocks in anticipation of spring gardening. Check out these simple directions to get started.

2. Homemade bouncy balls

Another fun craft to do with your grandkids is to make homemade bouncy balls that kids of all ages will love to play with. And the coolest part about this craft is the balls actually glow in the dark! This fun craft will not only give you meaningful time with your grandkids, but it will also give them an awesome new toy to play with afterward. Follow this step-by-step guide to make them.

3. Sun catchers

With not much more than a few coffee filters, scissors and some watercolors, you and your grandkids can make sun catchers together. The easy directions for this activity are found here. Creative kids will love this craft because the sun catchers can be made in an endless variety of shapes and colors, which they can then show off for all to enjoy.

4. Wind spirals

For a creative activity that’s also environmentally friendly, these adorable wind spirals are the perfect craft to do with your grandkids this holiday season. Using recycled water bottles and permanent markers, turn empty bottles into colorful whirligigs that you can enjoy watching twirl and shine in the wind for years to come. Follow these simple directions to get started.

5. Paper chain bracelets

Making jewelry is a time-honored kid craft that girls and boys love to participate in. These adorable paper chain bracelets like you may have made in the past with gum wrappers are a great craft to make with your grandkids and wearing them or gifting them later preserves the memory of your time together. Check out these easy step-by-step instructions.

6. Rock candy crystals

There are not too many things that kids love more than candy, so a craft that combines candy-making and science is just the thing to make time with the grandparents memorable and exciting. Making these rock candy crystals is a longer craft, taking a few days from start to completion. Use these easy directions to get started. You and your grandkids can watch the magic of crystal growth before you dig into a sweet treat that you made together.

7. Liquid sidewalk chalk

Kids love to play with sidewalk chalk, so make your own chalk together for hours of crafting and playtime afterward. This activity will be a big hit with your grandkids because this chalk makes liquid, squirty chalk. Follow these instructions to create liquid sidewalk chalk so you can head outdoors for some creative outdoor art time together.

8. Leaf printing

Bring the wonder of outside indoors with an easy craft that even the youngest of grandkids will enjoy. Use these directions to make colorful leaf prints with the grandkids for an easy activity that you both will love.

9. Wooden airplanes

Instead of making paper airplanes, wow your grandkids with this wooden airplane craft. Use these easy instructions to craft a fleet of airplanes that are sure to provide your grandchildren with holiday playtime long after the activity together is finished.

10. Egg carton animals

Why buy cute animal toys when you can make them with your grandkids instead? This adorable egg carton animal craft is ideal for grandchildren aged 3-6 but even older kids will love the way recycled materials and paint are transformed into any animal they can dream up. Follow these directions to make a few egg carton animals or enough to fill a zoo with your grandkids this holiday season.

Not only will these simple step-by-step guides to 10 craft projects keep your grandkids busy and entertained over the holidays, it will also nourish their creativity. They’ll take away so much more than paper animals, bouncing balls, squirty chalk, and candy crystals – they’ll have undying memories of the fun times spent with grandma and grandpa.

Doing what you want when you want and with whom you want, and having the means and support to do it easily and safely: that’s exactly what a senior apartment home in Monroe Village’s senior living community will give you. Contact us to schedule a visit today.

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