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Dining for Seniors

Senior couple enjoying dinner and wine.

Dedicated to Offering Delicious Meals and Nutrition for Seniors

“What’s for dinner?” is a question you ask yourself every day, from childhood well into adulthood. You spend a considerable amount of time and energy on eating – three square meals a day, plus a snack or two – not to mention the time it takes to actually prepare those meals. The need for quality, enjoyable meals continues throughout life and, as Senior Housing News found, the dining experience offered by a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) is one of the most anticipated features for those enjoying retirement.

At Monroe Village, dining isn’t just something that we offer – it’s an experience. We carefully craft meals that are as delicious and visually appealing as they are nutritious. We guarantee you’ll always find something to delight your palate in our community.

Healthy Food Choices at Your CCRC

Our dining room offers delectable, nutritious meals daily. The skilled chefs ensure each masterfully prepared dish is fortified with vitamins, nutrients and flavors to satisfy both your dietary requirements and discerning tastes. Seasonally-inspired menus offer you numerous choices. We also take any individual dietary restrictions into consideration to ensure the highest level of nutrition and satisfaction. Another perk – you’re free to enjoy a glass of wine with your meal. Residents are welcome to bring any beverage they like to our dining area and chat over dinner and drinks with friends.

In the mood for something a little more casual? Try our Village Bistro. Open daily, our Bistro offers lighter fare, like fresh fruit in the morning and sandwiches at lunch, for those with busy schedules or looking for a quick meal. A variety of nutritious options and light snacks are featured to keep you energized and ready to go on your way.

And if you prefer to be your own chef, you always have that option. Each of our one- and two-bedroom independent living floor plans offers a beautiful kitchen for you to cook your own meals. Our variable meal plans let you decide when you’d like to try out that new recipe or enjoy a hassle-free dinner, letting our professional chef and conscientious staff tend to your every need.

Our residents love the freedom and choice they have when it comes to dining options. Lucy Pietrofesa shares, “Mealtimes here are nice because the food is good, and you meet a lot of people. At the same time, I like to cook in my apartment and go out to eat with friends. The meal plans are flexible so it’s perfect for someone like me.”

Come Share a Meal with Us at Monroe Village

Taste the food for yourself – come visit Monroe Village and stay for a delicious meal prepared for you by our dining team. We’d love to share a table with you and answer any other questions you may have about our community. Contact us today to schedule your tour.

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