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Encouraging Faith and Religion in Our Community

Group of seniors holding hands in prayer.

Spiritual wellness is all about finding a connection to your faith and inner values, which allows you to expand your sense of purpose and can make it easier to get through difficult times in your life.

Residents at Monroe Village are encouraged to improve their spiritual wellness as part of the LivWell program, a whole-person approach to wellness offered in Springpoint communities. As a non-denominational community, there are opportunities for those of all faiths to freely express their chosen beliefs. We had a conversation with Reverend Terry-Thomas Primer, the chaplain at Monroe Village, to learn more about what exactly her role is in the community, as well as, how faith can be celebrated.

A Spiritual Retirement Community Where Your Needs are Honored

At the most basic level, Rev. Primer oversees the religious services in the community and lends an ear to all residents who need it. She is tasked with ensuring each resident at Monroe is comfortable and feels a sense of belonging.

When she first began her work in the community, she figured out who was not being served appropriately. At the time, a group of Jewish ladies came forward and mentioned to her that they were interested in programming to celebrate the high holy days coming up. From the conversation, a service was held that not only acknowledged the importance of these religious holidays, but also recognized that each resident in the community and their beliefs are welcomed and celebrated.

One of Rev. Terry’s favorite stories was when there was a group that got together to sing Christmas carols. Residents of many faiths came to celebrate, and the group was singing “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” A Jewish woman came forward and shared how absolutely stunning the night sky was when she traveled to Bethlehem. Although this song is Christian and she was a practicing member of the Jewish faith, she was able to bring her own tradition to the event. This shows that each religious program offers “an opportunity socially, religiously and culturally.”

At Monroe Village, it’s less about who practices what religion, but instead a community where all beliefs are valued, honored and encouraged. If you are interested in a religious service but are not a practicing member of that particular faith, it doesn’t matter. You’re still encouraged to go to take part in the experience and reflect on what that service means to you. And you have the opportunity to expand your mindset and learn something new. People are happy here and feel welcomed due to the hospitable, accepting nature of the community.

Learn More About How to Improve Your Spiritual Wellness at Monroe Village

At Monroe Village, we offer the opportunity to embrace your spirituality right in the community. Barriers to religious participation drop when you simply have to walk down the hallway to an accepting group of individuals willing to honor and celebrate your faith with you. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your personal tour.

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