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The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for the Tech- Savvy Senior

A senior woman wearing wireless headphones and using a tablet to video call someone

Got a tech-savvy senior in your life? This year, you’ll have plenty of cool holiday gift ideas to choose from—and unlike last year’s reindeer sweater, they’ll all be a perfect fit for your loved one.

We’ve created a list of 10 top trending gifts for tech-savvy seniors that speak to a variety of interests and needs—as well as budgets. You’ll find everything from clever helper gadgets to easy solutions for long-distance video visiting.

All the best technology gifts are here so you can spend less time searching. So, let’s get your holiday gifts to-do list wrapped up for your favorite senior right now!


Shop Our Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

Smart Screens For Browsing, Watching and Video Calling
A smart screen is the perfect solution for a senior because it combines a few favorite computer features with the convenience of video calling and photo displays. Some models like the Amazon Echo work with smart apps like Alexa, so they can also control security cameras, security lights, and thermostats with voice commands.

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Digital Photo Frames With Video Calling

Digital photo frames are an innovative and easy way to help ease the isolation and loneliness that seniors often face—especially those with relatives in a different city. The system is always on and connected, showing photos that you load when you’re not video chatting. The senior doesn’t have to log in, so there are no passwords to remember. Plus, there’s an auto answer mode, so when you call in, they can receive your call without even pressing a button. Easy peasy.

Check out:


Robotic Pet Companions

A live furry friend isn’t always realistic for seniors, especially for those with mobility or cognitive issues. But experts have found that many seniors with dementia find comfort in having robotic pets to talk to and stroke, which seems to have a calming effect on agitation and confusion. These lifelike creatures have soft, warm fur along with movement, sound, and even heartbeats and breathing motion. Trust us, it’s one of the most unforgettable holiday gift ideas ever!

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Photo Phone With Dial Memory

Although they’ve used a telephone for their entire lives, the “how-to” slips away little by little for people with dementia. Fortunately, today’s clever memory photo phones take away some of the difficulty by replacing numbers with photos. You simply place the photo in a slot, program the coordinating phone number, and then all grandma has to do is press the photo to call her son, her doctor, or anyone else.

Check out:


Digital Pill Dispenser

If your loved one takes multiple medications for different conditions, or even a couple of lifesaving drugs, forgetting is not an option. Digital pill dispensers can take this worry away. They typically have alarms so people don’t miss out on their medication time or fall victim to doubling up. Many work with an app that helps with the reminding and setting of instructions, ensuring your loved one stays on track.

Check out:


 Noise-Canceling Headphones

Rather than turning up the volume on music or movies, these headphones cancel out background and ambient noises that interfere with hearing quality. They’re great for personal listening without disturbing others and because they’re wireless, even the listener can move about and not get tangled up in cords.

Check out:


Item Finder

It’s frustrating to lose track of keys, cellphones, remote controls, even your wallet, when you know they’re somewhere in the house! Tag important items with GPS finders and you can find them through a phone app or by activating a locator sound. Seriously, we all need this gift!

Check out:


Automatic Pet Feeder

Seniors won’t have to stress if they’re out at the movies (or taking an afternoon nap!) when it’s the dog or cat’s mealtime. These auto feeders can be programmed to dispense just the right amount of food and owners can schedule up to four feedings a day. 

Check out:


Easy To Use Smartphone

There are several brands of senior-friendly phones on the market today. Typically, they feature larger buttons and bigger screen displays, so it’s easier for seniors to see what they are doing. These phones also simplify usage with fewer functions and/or simplified smartphone technology. They usually come with very affordable monthly no-contract plans as well.

Check out:



Your loved one has likely worn a watch all his or her life, and if they’re tech savvy, they’ll be thrilled to switch over to a watch that does so much more. In addition to telling time, smart watches can play music, answer calls, receive and answer voice messages, offer continuous heart rate monitoring, and track steps/mileage, among other features. Some smartwatches like the Apple Watch even have fall detection.

Check out:


Our Maintenance-Free Lifestyle Leaves More Time to Play with Tech Toys

At Monroe Village, our residents’ to-do lists are all about the fun stuff! Thanks to our maintenance-free lifestyle, we do the chores so your days and evenings are yours to spend as you like—from enjoying our resort-style amenities to having more time to tinker with the cool new tech devices you got for the holidays!

Take time to explore our floor plans to get a feel for the good life that awaits you here. If you like what you see, contact us to set up a tour so we can share more of the many reasons to call our community home. We look forward to meeting you!

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