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15 Hobby Ideas Every Senior Should Try in Retirement

Senior woman writing in her journal

Finding a hobby that you’re passionate about and love to pursue is just one of the ways to enjoy a fulfilling retirement. In fact, now that you’re older with more time on your hands, why not take the time to explore a few new ones?

 The National Institute on Aging reports that engaging in a hobby isn’t just good for the soul; it’s also excellent for your health. Among the benefits that can be derived from exploring hobby ideas and finding a fun new pastime are:

  • Reducing your risk for developing health problems such as dementia
  • Enjoying a longer life span
  • Experiencing more feelings of happiness and well-being
  • Feeling a greater sense of self-confidence
  • Increasing your resiliency in the face of adversity and stress
  • Improving your memory, comprehension, creativity, and problem-solving skills


Say Hello to a New Hobby

 One great benefit of being a resident in a senior living community is the wealth of opportunities to try a new retirement hobby. At Monroe Village for example, the activities calendar is packed with classes, experiences, and events that give you a chance to spread your wings and explore all kinds of hobby ideas. Adding to the fun––you’re  among like-minded older people ready to try their hand at a new hobby (or rediscover an old one) right along with you!


Here are 15 hobby ideas for seniors that are trending today. Try one, try them all––you’re  sure to find at least a few that spark your interest:


Write/Journal.  Whether you write down your life story, compose poetry, or keep a daily journal, writing is satisfying, and it can be as private as you like.

Play an instrument. Playing an instrument is great for hand/eye coordination, discipline, and mental stimulation. Plus, it’s a blast to play with friends.

Become a citizen scientist. You don’t need a degree to get involved in scientific research. The science world loves having the public help collect data for projects like wild bird counts, night sky brightness studies, and more.

Explore your roots. Thanks to the wealth of online research options, amateur genealogists can dig pretty deep into their family’s past right from home. Imagine creating a family tree to leave to your grandchildren.

Join a choir or theater group.  Many towns have choral groups or community players that would love to have new talent. Senior living communities often have groups as well.

Teach or tutor others.  Almost everyone has a skill or expertise that can be shared. Check with schools and community centers to see where your skills might be appreciated.

Learn to knit, sew, or quilt. Being able to say “I made that” is very satisfying! These skills are relaxing and rewarding for both sexes, so give them a try.

Study astronomy.  Learning the mysteries of the heavens is exciting and there’s always a show worth watching. It’s a fun hobby to share with the grandkids, too.

Become a pet foster or shelter volunteer. There’s never a shortage of pets needing love and attention. Fostering and volunteering allows you to help without a long-term commitment.

Become an amateur photographer.  Today’s digital media makes it easier than ever to take up this most enjoyable hobby.

Learn ballroom or tap dancing.  Great music, good exercise, a chance to meet new people … what could be more fun?

Get crafty or artsy.  Forget the excuse that you can’t draw a straight  line. The beauty of arts and crafts is that there is no right or wrong; there isonly creativity.

Travel the country.  Whether you’re a history buff or a nature lover, our country can serve as one huge hobby all by itself. Grab a map and some pushpins and start exploring.

Join a pickleball or bowling team. Get out of your comfort zone and try two of America’s favorite team sports. They’re easy to learn and offer great opportunities to make new friends.

Try geocaching. Geo-what?? Known as “the world’s largest treasure hunt,” participants use a special app and follow GPS coordinates (like Google Maps on your phone) to find hidden treasures called caches. 


 Your Next Rewarding Chapter Starts Here.

  At Monroe Village, a Life Plan Community in Monroe Township, New Jersey, we celebrate the idea of expanding minds and hearts by regularly introducing our residents to an array of new activities and hobby ideas. Our calendar is filled with fascinating workshops, classes, and programs that encourage you to explore new outlets and find your passion. Read more about our lifestyle, and then schedule a visit to experience our wonderful lifestyle firsthand!

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