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Watch Your Health Blossom While You Garden

A senior woman waters flowers in her garden for health benefits.

What’s more relaxing than taking a stroll through your garden? Or maybe pulling weeds has more of a calming effect for you. Regardless of your preference, as humans, our souls have a deep and entwining connection with nature. Some studies have gone as far as to prove that there is a direct correlation between nature and our happiness. So even a simple stroll in the sunshine can have vast improvements on your mood.

Thankfully, Monroe Village has a plethora of outdoor activities to help you explore that bond with nature, including gardening. If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing hobby that anyone can do, gardening is an excellent option. You can come alongside your fellow residents in the community garden, or you can create your own space on your very own patio. And while you’re enjoying using your green thumb, you’ll also be enjoying the physical, mental and social benefits of gardening.

Gardening Exercise Benefits

It may not seem like it, but there are many physical benefits of gardening. Weeding and planting seedlings uses arm and core muscles, providing a low impact workout without overusing your joints. Time in the sun also provides an adequate intake of vitamin D for older adults. Vitamin D affects calcium levels in your body, helping to strengthen your bones and boost your immune system. Of course, if you’re going to spend time outside, it’s important to protect your skin with a layer of sunscreen.

Benefit of Gardening on Mental Health

Tending to your garden can bring about a calming, soothing feeling for drained spirits and minds. You can let your mind wander to more peaceful things as you pull weeds and run your hands through the soil of your herbs, flowers and vegetables. You also practice lessons in patience as you wait for your plants to grow and flourish.

Social Benefits of Gardening

The breezy, summer weather is the perfect time to grab a friend and enjoy the outdoors. You can enjoy the extensive walking trails on our grounds or enjoy some time in our community garden together. They may even be able to teach you a thing or two about growing rosemary or tending to perennials.

Learn More About the Importance of Gardening at Monroe Village

At Monroe Village, we couldn’t be prouder of the way residents are encouraged to enjoy the natural beauty around them. Whether you want to spend time on our walking paths or digging in the community garden, there’s something for everyone. Our LivWell program focuses on every aspect of wellbeing, including environmental wellness. Monroe Village resident Lucy Pietrofesa shared with us her love of the campus opportunities: “You can paint, garden in the greenhouse, join a book club or discussion group– and that’s all without leaving the campus!”

Learn all about the natural offerings of Monroe Village by contacting our team today.

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