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Explore Your Surroundings: Benefits of Nature for Seniors

Happy senior couple walking in the park.

An oak tree towering over the field of freshly cut grass. Water rippling in a pond. Sounds of nature permeating the air, from birds singing to the rustling of leaves. There’s something about the outdoors that just feels right – an undeniable, natural connection waiting to be explored. And, embracing this relationship encourages good health. Learn more about the benefits of nature from Monroe Village and how you can experience this right within our community.

Nature’s Influence on a Healthy Retirement

Connecting to our environment has an overall positive impact on wellbeing, helping people lead happier, healthier lives. Both physical and mental wellbeing are strengthened when spending time outside.

Physically, exposure to green space improves the body’s functions, including a heightened immune system and reduced inflammation, according to ScienceDaily. This leads to positive impacts such as a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and reduced stress. Plus, being outdoors generally entails some sort of physical activity. Whether it be taking a walk on city paths or hiking through wooded trails, actively moving your body is extremely beneficial to overall health.

Even more so than your physical wellbeing – spending time in nature greatly influences mental health. Your mind is sharper and creativity flourishes. Concentration improves, and short-term memory becomes more reliable. Generally speaking, spending time in nature boosts brain health and cognitive function. Spending time outdoors also results in a soothing, calming and rejuvenating effect on people, allowing for a natural meditation used to combat anxiety.

Learn More About Environmental Wellness at Monroe Village

At Monroe Village, there are ample opportunities for you to connect to your surroundings and enjoy the outdoors. Here are a few ways you can delight in nature right in the community:

  • Community Garden: What better way to connect to nature than to take direct responsibility for the addition of new vegetation? Our community garden allows you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural world while taking up a relaxing hobby. Here, you can plant your favorite flowers as well as herbs and vegetables you can use to cook.
  • Walking Trails: No matter the season, strolling through the grounds on our surrounding walking paths will feature magnificent views. Plus, adding a walk into your routine three or four times a week will benefit your physical health.
  • Shuffleboard Court: Take part in friendly competition while soaking up the sun’s rays. Our outdoor shuffleboard court is a community favorite.
  • Pond: Our stunning views on campus are enhanced by the water, with a pond featuring a fountain right outside your door.
  • Gazebo: Relax with friends outside by gathering in our charming gazebo. Benches and patio furniture make this the perfect spot to sit, share a picnic and take in a breath of fresh air.

Resident Shirley Friendlander found home at Monroe. She shared, “The grounds are lovely, the community is comfortable, and the programming is exceptional.” Here, she’s able to live an engaging lifestyle surrounded by beauty. Come see our grounds for yourself – contact us today to schedule your personal tour.

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