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Moving to A CCRC: A Gift To Your Children

Happy senior and her daughter after moving to a CCRC

Oftentimes, as we age, our loved ones – specifically our children – become our primary caregivers. However, with careers, families of their own and other miscellaneous commitments, sometimes our children may not be able to help us as much as we or they would like. Adult children often feel torn about attending to their own needs or spending time caring for an aging parent. This, in turn, can take a toll on their own overall health and wellness, as they often feel guilty they cannot provide the right level of care to allow their parent to thrive.

That is why continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) can provide parents and adult children peace of mind. You get the independent, active lifestyle you seek, knowing that should you need care down the road you’ll have access to healthcare services and professional support that you need. Your son or daughter can rest assured knowing that you’re living your best life, with a higher level of care available as soon as it becomes necessary.

The Impact of CCRCs on the Family Unit

Moving and living in a CCRC will provide your family with three major comforts: financial security, comfortable living options, and peace of mind.

Predictable Monthly Costs for Financial Security

It’s no secret that the cost of aging in the U.S. is rising, and that is why more seniors are looking into affordable, stable options for their future. Additionally, today’s older adults understand what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle, which means Americans are living longer than ever. These longer lifespans come with additional costs and expenses. At Monroe Village, our Lifecare contract is an option that allows you to secure the promise of lifelong care with predictable costs. Therefore, your family can rest easy knowing that you will receive high-quality care without the huge costs that will leave them wondering how it will be paid for.

Living Options for a Carefree Lifestyle

In today’s world, when children grow up and start having families of their own, they tend to move away from their parents, which makes caring for them in the later years more of a challenge. However, when seniors start making plans to move into a CCRC, they tend to choose one closer to their children so they are able to visit more frequently. You’ll choose from a variety of floor plans designed to meet your specific needs, and your children and grandchildren can visit as often as they like.

Another benefit of senior housing is the maintenance-free lifestyle. There is no need to worry about yardwork or housework because an excellent team of staff members have that taken care of for you. You can spend your time on activities you find most important, whether that’s hitting the gym, visiting with loved ones, or heading into town for a day of lunch and shopping.

Peace of Mind for the Future

It’s never too early to start making plans for your future. By having a care plan in place, you can offer peace of mind and relieve any guilty feelings adult children may have about providing the care you need to enjoy a high quality of life. Should your health needs change, your children can rest-assured that you have everything you need, all in the location you already call home.

Ensure Your Family’s Peace of Mind at Monroe Village

Peace of mind is one of the best gifts you can give to your family, and you can do just that by becoming a resident of our continuing care retirement community in Monroe Township, New Jersey. Your active lifestyle will flourish not only in our community, but also in the surrounding area. Enjoy local museums, theaters, and parks with family or new friends. The renewed, active lifestyle you seek is right here.

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