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The Importance of Staying Socially Active for Seniors During COVID-19

A senior couple talk to their family through a video call on their computer.

Enjoying good conversation over a hot cup of coffee isn’t just fun and entertainment — it’s also beneficial to your health. Some of these benefits include boosting mental and physical wellness as well as contributing to a longer lifespan. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to stay healthy and physically distance yourself from others, it can be difficult to keep those social connections.

While restrictions are slowly starting to lift as people are receiving inoculations, we’re still being encouraged to socially distance from each other to continue reducing the spread of COVID-19. While it can feel difficult to stay connected to those we love, you can still improve your social wellness while keeping a safe space. Below are a few safe ways to stay socially active.

4 Safe Ways to Stay Socially Active

  1. Talk to Family and Friends via Phone Calls and Video Chats. Technology offers many opportunities to stay connected with those we love. Take advantage of sending texts, making phone calls and even conversing through video applications — the next best thing when you can’t talk face-to-face. Schedule time regularly to talk with friends and family so you can keep that connection.
  2. Watch Movies Together — Virtually. Companies like Netflix are now making it easier to connect with a loved one through the things you both enjoy. Watch Netflix Together is a free extension you can add to your Chrome browser that allows you and your friends or family to watch a movie or show together, in sync. Simply download the extension, create a session, share the link with someone, grab some popcorn and enjoy the video together while still staying socially distanced!
  3. Make Something Delicious Together. You may not be able to sit down at the same table together and share a delicious meal, but there are still ways to cook or bake together while keeping a safe distance. Call your loved one on video and work through the recipe together, each from the comfort of your own kitchen. Laugh and enjoy the process, and then share how each dish turned out.
  4. Enjoy a Walk in the Fresh Air Together. The weather may still be a bit chilly, but when the sun is shining, we can all finally get outside to breathe in a little bit of fresh air. As long as you can stay six feet apart or wear masks, the Mayo Clinic says meeting a loved one outside for a walk is a low-risk activity. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of both physical exercise and social interaction!

Enjoy Social Wellness Activities at Monroe Village

Here at Monroe Village, our array of activities and amenities makes it easier for you to stay socially active while still observing health and safety protocols. Our community is filled with welcoming neighbors, a variety of activities and an engaging staff who wants to help you settle into a new, vibrant life. Our award-winning LivWell program encourages you to focus on each of the seven dimensions of wellness, including social wellness, through community connections, clubs and unique gatherings each month.

Contact us today to learn more about the offerings at Monroe Village or to schedule your personal tour.

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