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Senior Driving Safety

Senior couple standing near their car.

Every time we get behind the wheel, it is our obligation as responsible drivers to ensure safety. We make sure mirrors are adjusted, oil change is up-to-date and seatbelts are buckled. As we age, though, we may need to ensure extra safeguards are met when getting ready to drive. Take extra time to evaluate your driving ability, including the possibility of additional measures to ensure your safety. In this post, you’ll discover senior driving tips from The Oaks at Denville that can help keep you driving safer for longer.

Five Tips: Senior Guide for Safe Driving

  • Focus on the Task at Hand – This piece of advice is crucial for any driver, regardless of age. Turn you cell phone notifications off, adjust your radio and set your navigation system prior to putting the car in drive. When you’re behind the wheel, your only priority is to get to your intended destination safely and effectively.
  • Consult With Your Doctor – If you have any health conditions or are taking medications, have a conversation your doctor. Make sure there are no side effects or conflicts that may limit your driving abilities. While you’re there, also ask for a vision and hearing test to confirm your ability to see and hear other drivers successfully.
  • Make Adjustments if Necessary – Take note of any physical limitations you may have and make adjustments to ensure your safety. If your back hurts, place a support on the driver’s seat. Re-adjust your mirrors or consider a newer car equipped with sensors if it’s difficult to see your blind spot. Making accommodations like these will help you feel more comfortable behind the wheel.
  • Drive When Conditions are Favorable – To be extra cautious, drive during the day, when roads are clear and in areas that you’re familiar in. This improves driver safety by reducing the risk of unexpected situations.
  • Assess Your Driving Abilities – Although not necessary for a license renewal, taking some time to ensure your driving capabilities are up to par will go a long way to determine what, if any, additional measures you should take to stay safe. You can find a driving refresher course near you using the AARP Smart Driver Course Locator. Organizations like AAA also offer self-rating driving assessments that help you examine your abilities.

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