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Promoting Positive Senior Mental Health

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Feeling Good: Importance of Mental Health in Seniors

Mental health is essential to living a balanced life. Positive mental health influences your outlook on life impacts how you behave and allows you to better cope when stress inevitably creeps into your day. Caring for your mental health can also prevent the onset or relapse of a physical or mental illness, which is especially important to keep in consideration as we age.

Results from the Age Well study show Monroe Village residents feel 15 percent younger emotionally. That is, in large part, thanks to our dedication to offering activities and amenities that positively impact mental health. Let’s explore a few ways you’re able to take care of your mental health in our community.

5 Ways to Super Senior Mental Health

  1. Get Moving at the Fitness Center: There’s an undeniable connection between positive mental health and fitness. Not only does exercise boost your mood, but it also improves concentration and relieves stress. At Monroe Village, you have access to our LivWell fitness center, including an indoor heated pool along with various classes geared toward your needs. Whether it be a Yoga session or Balance Class, you’re sure to find a way to incorporate activity in your daily life.
  2. Express Your Artistic Side at the Creative Workshop: Creative expression through art provides therapeutic relief, suggesting a strong correlation between positive mental health and art therapy. Resources to Recover, a nonprofit organization that offers families affected by mental illness guidance, support, and information on recovery-oriented mental health care, notes that benefits of artistic therapy include self-discovery, self-esteem, emotional release, and stress relief. Our creative workshop is an outlet for you to enjoy your hobbies by participating in a watercolor class, taking part in the seasonal craft workshop and more.
  3. Fuel Your Body with Nutritious Food: The food we put in our body highly impacts our mental state. Ensuring proper nutrition is important for mental health, and our dining team knows how to make healthy food taste great. As part of our LivWell program, our chefs even create meals specifically designed with whole-person wellness in mind.
  4. Relax at Our Spa: Take some time to pamper yourself! Relaxation therapy in mental health boosts your confidence and improves your mood. Our spa gives you the chance to unwind in a quiet, serene room with a full-body massage.
  5. Connect with Your Community: Socialization is linked to numerous health benefits, including an increased sense of well-being and decreased feelings of depression. Shirley Friedlander, a resident at Monroe Village, believes that, “It’s important as we age to meet new people and have a good conversation every day,” and we couldn’t agree more. We offer plenty of activities to keep you busy in the community, and our residents love to spend time together.

Find Out How Monroe Village Supports Your Mental Health and Fitness

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