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Socialization Opportunities for Seniors

Senior grandmother baking cookies with granddaughter.

Celebrate Life and Stay Connected: Socialization for Seniors

Humans are social beings, whether we’re planning a full day of activities with friends and family, or simply picking up the phone to say hello. No matter the complexity of our social interactions, taking time to connect with others is an important activity to include in your everyday life. In fact, research proves a positive correlation between social interaction and health, and even suggests social isolation results in adverse effects for older adults.

Making the move to a continuing care retirement community offers abundant opportunities for socialization. At Monroe Village, we want you to be proud and share your new home with family and friends. Our activities and amenities not only encourage visits from loved ones, but neighbors become close friends through shared experiences.

Socialization Opportunities with Family and Friends

LivWell, our holistic wellness program, caters to all seven dimensions of wellness, including social wellness. Connecting to others not only makes you happier but may also increase the length and quality of your life. Having a support system in place while meeting new people can enhance physical and emotional health. So, we make it a priority to offer a variety of options for you to have fun with family and friends.

We enjoy visits from loved ones in our community. Family means everything, and we’ve made sure to think of special visitors when adding new amenities to what we have to offer. Family and grandchildren are welcome to enjoy the Kids Zone, a special area with games, books, puzzles, art projects and toys, so you’re able to make memories and spend quality time together. You can also show off your beautiful living space or take your family on a stroll around our landscaped grounds on one of our walking trails. It’s revitalizing to show off your new home and share excitement with loved ones.

Activities for your own enjoyment are ample at Monroe Village, and plenty of friends are made through mutual hobbies. Our active community encourages socialization through participating in fitness classes, catching up with a cocktail at happy hour and sharing creative talents in art classes. We even have plenty of opportunities for friendly competition, like our special Senior Olympics games. These examples only scratch the surface of what we offer at Monroe Village; view our activities page and find more interests that offer engagement, happiness and fun.

Learn the Importance of Socialization at Monroe Village

Come as you are – residents at Monroe Village are a welcoming bunch. Resident Shirley Frielander shares, “I have met old friends and new acquaintances. I think that’s important as we age – to meet new people and have good conversation every day.” And Guy Darrin agrees with the friendliness and comradery of the community, commenting, “You don’t pass anyone in the hallway who doesn’t return a ‘good morning!’”

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